Colorful Spanish Inspired Home Interior by Saltwolf

Color brings a blank canvas to life.

While transforming a contemporary “neo-farmhouse” into a Spanish-inspired family home, Boulder interior designer Lindy Williams of Saltwolf focused on integrating a client’s diverse collection of artifacts and art with new and vintage custom furnishings.

“I wanted it to feel like a layered interior that had developed over time,” said Williams. “What it needed most was a specific color palette and unified theme. The custom sofa using imported embroidered fabric with green, red, and golden yellow Iberian motifs was a major starting point. Once the client said yes to the sofa, it was game on!”

Against a black and white setting, the bold use of color accentuates and defines furnishings and space, transforming what was a blank slate into a vibrant retreat. By adding warm textures like woven, rush chairs topped with cactus–silk cushions, natural wood tables and custom rugs, the rich mix vibrates with cool and warm hues against white walls and a concrete floor.

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