How To Create a Great Entry for Your Home

For Designscapes Colorado owner Phil Steinhauer it takes more than trees and flowers to create a great entry to your home.

Designscapes Colorado Entryway | Landscape | Spring 2022 | Home & Garden Colorado Magazine
Photo by Phil Steinhauer.

Curb appeal starts at the curb,” says Designscapes Colorado owner Phil Steinhauer. “Upgrade the walk—use brick, or a scored pattern. Make sure you have good lighting, and can see the address and the front door. We have wash lighting on the walls, and we highlighted the beds.” For this Hilltop home, he wanted to create a garden that progressed through all four seasons, with floral and plant elements that accommodate the changing weather. The spring beds include Darwin Hybrid Ivory Floradale and Pink Impression tulips that complement the flowering crabapple trees. This variety of tulip boasts sturdy stems and large bloom sizes. The tulips are combined with a variety of deep purple, periwinkle blue and primrose yellow pansies, and make the home’s entry a compelling focal point.

Steinhauer shares tips for adding curb appeal to a home, saying, “It’s important that the front door is accessible and open, and that the beds are clean and manicured.” Maintenance is key, he says, with beds kept tidy and weed-free. “Typically, we have the progression from lower to taller…keeping it open, making it feel inviting. This house is lightcolored stone, so we wanted bold colors to accentuate the front door. I think that flowers bring life and vibrancy to your front door.”

The Designscapes team also considered Colorado’s erratic weather and water supply for this display—it needs no additional water during the winter and into spring. Tulips and pansies are drought tolerant, which added a big plus for the homeowner. “It’s also important to match planters to the style. For this traditional home we used limestone planters to accentuate the architecture,” says Steinhauer. He also advises not to skimp on the containers, as inexpensive varieties can diminish the positive impact of a lovely landscape design. The front of your home is an appropriate area to make an investment; as he states it, “Spend a little more money on materials, and make a statement.”

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