Beach-inspired Home Office

Cool tones and refined décor create a productive environment for this work space.

Photo by Brenner Photography.

A Rocky Mountain-meets-coastal home office brings together elements of both worlds to create a soothing, refined vibe. Tones of blue, gray and green, metallic accents and beach-inspired décor blur the line between styles, in the most charming…fetching…enchanting…way.


A geometric-shaped statement chandelier over the desk adds sophistication to an otherwise casual space. The chandelier’s gorgeous, rippled glass and bronze metal trim are reminiscent of luminous water.

Get the look: Astrid chandelier by Hinkley, Available at Urban Lights.

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A trio of bronze articulating sconces whisper at a nautical theme and add task lighting, because we are working, after all.

Get the look: Rejuvenation.


A gallery wall of black-and-white photography contrasts with the white shiplap walls and subtly connects to the rustic style of the room.

Get the look: Pottery Barn.


These 1/8”-gap shiplap walls brighten the space and evoke a subtle coastal backdrop. The boards are made in the USA and arrive pre-primed and ready to install.

Get the look: WindsorONE.


This custom, coordinating wood desk and bookcase credenza anchor the room and add a touch of rustic to the space.

Get the look: Kitchen Cottage, 719.543.7743.