Common Spaces

Designing commercial spaces is different from other interiors. When you’re creating living spaces to be used by the residents of 163 apartments, your client is, well, everyone.

The main visitor entrance was once a covered atrium. “We peeled off the roof to create a light-filled patio in the morning that is shaded from the intense summer sun in the afternoon,” says developer Anne Rosen. “We left the steel structure overhead and painted it orange—a creative and unexpected reuse of an existing structure.” Photo courtesy of Avenue 8.

Avenue 8 was a challenging project because it entailed the reuse and repurposing of an existing concrete structure,” says Anne Rosen of Zing Design & Development. Rosen is part owner and served as the developer for the Avenue 8 at Mayfair apartment complex, and she was the driver behind the updated mid-century modern design directive. Rosen worked closely with Aneka Kerlin and her team at Aneka Interiors to realize common spaces—from a cozy den and TV lounge to a yoga room and indoor dog playground— that are color saturated but restrained.

The rooftop deck is one of designer Aneka Kerlin’s favorite spaces. “It’s a stunning place to watch a sunset with unobstructed views of the mountains while lounging on the sofa next to the firepit,” she says. Photo courtesy of Avenue 8.

“I love the vibrant colors and patterns that play into the mid-century modern theme,” says Kerlin. “We used current color palates with mid-mod furniture frame styles and patterns to create an updated mid-mod building.”

“Apartment communities are both residential and commercial,” Rosen adds. “Creating a living environment that makes residents feel at home and safe and encourages a neighborhood culture is paramount.”

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“We designed all the common spaces be an extension of the individual apartments,” says Kerlin. Rosen adds, “The fresh take on mid-century modern interior design, finishes, and furnishings employs saturated colors and textures.” Photo courtesy of Avenue 8.