Get To Know Interior Designer Margarita Bravo

Margarita Bravo translates experiences living in Europe and South America into exquisite home design.

Margarita Bravo | Home & Garden Colorado
Photo by Jake Holschuh.

From her childhood in Venezuela to travel and time spent with family in Barcelona, Margarita Bravo has allowed the world to influence her design sensibilities.

How did you become interested in interior design?
“I remember walking the streets of Venezuela with my grandfather, a builder, feeling wonderstruck at all the structures he built in our small town. Watching something magnificent get built from scratch has always got my juices flowing. To this day, it inspires me. That is where it all began. Later, I would travel throughout Europe, and this exposure to great European architecture, both old and new, deeply inspired my creative expression. I also have a degree in industrial engineering, so I appreciate engineered solutions to problems. My transition into interior design happened naturally as I became involved in several home remodeling projects. I started to connect the dots and finally decided to formalize my passion for interior design. I find it to be the best way to connect my engineering background and technical approach with my creativity. “Today, our service offerings also include remodeling and renovations. Having an engineering background gives me the advantage to deal with problems and come up with practical solutions. It gives me the required credibility to deal with the construction aspect of my projects. Whether the topic is related to project management or I am dealing with a structural issue in the early phase of the project design, I use my skills as an engineer.”

How do you describe your style?
“Our real job is to translate our client’s vision and personality and bring it to life. I guess it is an unselfish way to say that it is about their style, not ours. At the end of the day, it is their home, their space. Our job is to truly get to know our client, understand their vision and build a reality based on that so they live in a space that we design and build to their liking and desires. In the end, it is all about the client and nothing else. That said, our designs are location-specific with a minimalistic and eclectic approach. Our designs are centered on our client’s vision while we combine different natural elements, fixtures, artwork, colors, fabrics and other aspects of design that make a lasting impact on the space we are designing. There is nothing that marks success more than a client loving their new home. Every time we go through the final reveal process and we see our clients’ ecstatic expressions, we register the success of all our hard work.”

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Margarita Bravo | Home & Garden Colorado
Photo courtesy of Margarita Bravo.

How do you approach a new project?
“We approach with open minds and an open design book. Every client is different, and therefore, their design wants and needs are different. An initial meeting should be to discuss and share thoughts on rooms, color palette, textures, patterns, moods and vibe the client wants to achieve. That is what is so beautiful about the design world, it is a new project and work of art each time.”

What should people know before they hire an interior designer?
“An interior designer is there to help and guide you in bringing your vision into reality. Many people believe that interior designers often take over the entire design process and space, but that is not always the case. If you would like to be heavily involved in the process you are able to, and if you prefer a more laid-back approach, the interior designer you choose will take over for you and present your vision. We always have a design discovery meeting with our clients to get their vision nailed down, so oftentimes when we present our ideas, we only have to make minor modifications to the design.”

What are some of the most often seen mistakes that people make in their home decor?
“People seem to be afraid of textures and patterns and mixing colors, so they tend to stay on a simple and cleaner color palette. What they are missing is that, if you combine textures and colors well, they can be incredibly beautiful and unique. I encourage my clients to have an open mind and try to show them that these design elements are not to be afraid of, but rather embraced and celebrated.”

Who or what inspires you?
“The world around us inspires me. The traveling I have done is infused into my creative mind and showcased through most of my designs, whether it be a larger painting as a focal point or a smaller, woven, patterned area rug.”

What do you like about your job?
“I love everything about my job; it is who I am, and the sheer excitement of being able to bring a client’s dream space into their reality is truly an unmatched feeling.”