Incrementum Colorado Breathes Life Into Spaces With Plants

Incrementum Colorado brings biophilic design to life with custom indoor plant installations.

House plants on a coffee table
Photo by Alexandré Pinto.

Sierra Voss, the visionary behind Incrementum Colorado, wants to “breathe life into your space with plants.” Best known for her intuitive plant design and enchanting living moss wall installations, Voss brings nature into residential and commercial spaces with the aim of elevating the atmosphere while beautifying the decor.

Plants are scientifically proven to improve quality of life by oxygenating and purifying the surrounding air, reducing noise pollution, and increasing creativity and productivity. Humans’ bond with plants stems from our innate unison with nature. The popularity of shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, reminds us that greenery infuses joy into our lives.

Adopting these principles, Voss and her team of plant specialists practice biophilic design, aimed at creating a multi-sensory experience that fosters communion with nature in living and working spaces. “We deeply believe that greenifying your life results in happy, healthy, and productive people. Incorporating biophilic principals into interior design is the future and will create a resilient, balanced, harmonious society,” she says.

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Sierra Voss
Photo by Susie Brenner.

Whether hand-selecting each plant or curating specific pots and containers to complement design aesthetics and needs, Voss and her designers rely on their artistic eye to create gorgeous and functional multi-phase living installations. When creating customized plant plans for clients, the team measures each space for light, humidity, and spatial elements that are beneficial and detrimental to specific species. Denver’s high-elevation, semi-arid climate can make transitioning to new indoor environments difficult for most indoor house plants, which hail from the tropics of Africa, South and Central America, and Southeast Asia, so Incrementum’s team provides ongoing plant maintenance, care, and education, customized for each client’s specific needs.

When selecting indoor plants in Colorado, Voss advises opting for sturdy plants that can thrive in your unique environment. Snake plants, for example, are great air purifiers and will adapt to low light and arid environments but will also thrive and bloom in sunny spots. Lower light levels? Think ZZ plants, pothos, and Chinese evergreens. Sunny windows call for sturdy succulents. It is best to avoid ferns and dwarf citrus plants, which struggle in Colorado’s indoor climate.