Serene and Green Bathroom by Pruett & Co.

A challenging midcentury bathroom is transformed into a calm and comfortable retreat.

When Jennifer Pruett agreed to remodel an oddly shaped bathroom in a midcentury ranch home, she expected she was in for a challenge. But when the homeowners proved open to a little creative zeal, the Denver designer found the project to be surprisingly fun.

“The layout was super challenging because it was so weird in there,” says Pruett, the principal of Pruett & Co. “It was all kind of open to the bedroom, with a fireplace and weird closet, one vanity with Hollywood lights, and everything at strange angles. It was all carpeted, and there was a little shower in the corner. We ripped it all out and just started with the very basics. It was amazing how much space we got by opening it up.”

Pruett’s transformation of the 500-square-foot space mixes saturated color and comfort with a nod to nature. To achieve a sense of serenity, she worked primarily with rich greens for the walls and tile, offset with terrazzo-look porcelain tiles on the floor and quartzite countertops on walnut vanities. The wallpaper in the water closet offers a playful take on a restroom pastime with a collage design of news clips and motion pictures–“which one might read in the loo,” Pruett says.

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A window over one vanity lets in natural light and offers a peek to the outside. The client initially balked at having a window in the bathroom, but Pruett held her ground. “I said, ‘Of course we can do that.’ In fact, it’s better because you have the natural light coming in over either vanity. And it’s really great for makeup application. I think it’s a great thing to do.”

A piece of art depicting a mountain scene, which the clients found in their travels, is the perfect finishing touch for the new space. “I was going to find something, but they found it, and it was perfect,” Pruett says. “It married all the colors that are already there and fit perfectly. I really love all of the materials—the terrazzo floor because it’s very midcentury and fits the style of the house and the era, and the walnut, I think, is just beautiful.”