5 Beautiful Colors To Paint Your Front Door

Your front door makes a statement, and the color you choose to paint it matters.

Hannah Yeo, color and design manager for Benjamin Moore & Co., urges homeowners to find inspiration in a home’s exterior colors, architecture, the natural environment surrounding it, and even the neighbors.

Because front doors often are exposed to harsh elements, Yeo recommends using exterior paint with a higher sheen, which offers the most protection—but make sure prepping is done well because a glossier finish can accentuate the door’s imperfections.

Yeo also emphasizes the importance of testing paint colors outdoors by taping a color swatch to the door or painting a board to lean against it and viewing it multiple times a day. These are some of her favorite front-door colors.

1Stuart Gold HC-10

Stuart Gold

“A sunny yellow hue is sure to boost the curb appeal for a charming, welcoming entrance. From Victorian to mid-century modern to colonial homes, a pop of yellow feels refreshing and uplifting,” says Yeo

2King’s Red CW-335

King’s Red

Inspired by paints made with the pigment vermillion, this historically accurate deep red from the Benjamin Moore Williamsburg Paint Color Collection appeals to homeowners who want to preserve the integrity of a historic home. “Reds not only signal positive energy and a warm welcoming, but they have also been traditionally used across different cultures for luck,” Yeo says.

3Simply White OC-117

Simply White

This can be a great solution for a home with a busy front porch or lots of surrounding colors, Yeo says.

4Wrought Iron 2124-10

“Wrought Iron is extremely versatile and can be repeated in other surface areas such as shutters and/or trim,” Yeo says.

5Mohegan Sage 2138-30

Mohegan Sage

Deep sage green is an attractive alternative to a gray front door. “With earthy, neutral undertones, it perfectly complements surrounding greenery,” Yeo says. She suggests pairing it with creamy off-whites, like White Chocolate OC-127.