Big House on the Prairie’s Award Winning Bathroom Remodel

In an award-winning home remodel, this bathroom stands out.

After purchasing a large house on the plains in Broomfield, the new owners desperately wanted a full remodel that would transform the outdated, dysfunctional layout with low-quality finishes into a fun, bold, modern, fully functional home for a busy family of six. They turned to Rodwin Architecture + Skycastle Construction in Boulder to “redefine the soul” of the 9,000-square-foot home—top to bottom, inside and out.

When the masterpiece was completed, every single space had undergone a dramatic makeover, including the stunning 242-square-foot primary bath. The project, called Big House on the Prairie, has won numerous industry awards, and this bathroom has stood out, earning a gold from Qualified Remodeler and first place in that publication’s national Chrysalis Awards for best bathroom over $100,000.

Cecelia Kane, a senior associate at Rodwin, and Kate Moore of Kimball Modern Design + Interiors partnered on the interior design.

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“This bath is located at the far end of the house, and it’s essentially an oasis where they can reset and recharge,” explains Moore. “We wanted it to feel unique, calming, and peaceful.”

Moore and Kane chose rich woods, matte whites, and warm blues and greens to evoke a spalike quality. They combined those elements with organic textures (like the imperfect circles formed by the shower tiles) to add to the elemental feel of the space.

“Though all clients have different priorities and styles,” Kane says, “they seem to all have one common goal when it comes to their private baths—escape.”