Bed Time

The Brass Bed is a family-owned home goods store that has evolved beautifully over its 42 years in existence.

Photo courtesy of Brass Bed.

The Brass Bed’s co-owners Molly Myers and Olivia Louis, daughter and daughter-in-law, respectively, of founder Rosella Louis, tell us how Rosella began her retail career selling gorgeous handmade brass beds out of a small storefront in 1978. As people increasingly expressed interest in her for-display-only linen choices, she expanded her offerings.

The family has now moved into the second generation of ownership, yet the emphasis remains the same: expert design services, products of exceptional quality, and a sharp focus on artful living. The main difference these days, say the co-owners, is a heightened awareness of manufacturing. They find that people still want high-quality, handmade merchandise, but they are also interested in the specifics of the materials and the makers themselves.

In each store, you’ll find rotating bedding ensembles on display showcasing unique looks and lifestyle reflections. Myers and Louis credit their in-store design professionals with a high level of expertise, both aesthetically and technically. The Brass Bed is the exclusive source for a number of excellent brands, including Sferra and Yves Delorme.

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They say that people who visit the stores for the first time might be surprised that, in addition to bath accessories, Egyptian cotton towels, down products, and some of the finest linens in the world, they will find organic mattresses, upholstered beds, furniture, and lighting.

Another emphasis is that the lines they carry can accommodate a wide range of budget considerations. They add that, in this age of ecommerce, they are truly grateful for each person who spends their hard-earned money within their stores. No sale, no matter how seemingly humble, is underappreciated. They are always eager to share their love for what they do.