Cheery Playroom Designed by Studio LW

A wall full of children’s artwork inspires a welcoming, cheery playroom.

When Liz Lorentzen, one of the owner/principals at Denver’s Studio LW, began working on this children’s playroom at a Highlands home, she let the kids’ creativity drive the design. Their artwork, set in simple frames, fills the main wall.

“What better than kid’s artwork for a playroom?” Lorentzen says. “It’s all super colorful, because that’s what kids love.”

The children’s artwork drove Lorentzen’s design choices for the rest of the room, as well. Neutral walls, carpet and furniture pieces provide the perfect setting for vibrant multicolored pillows, striped theater-style curtains and polka-dot rockers (not seen in this image) add to the fun.

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“Color helps define the mood of the room,” Lorentzen says. “I start with neutrals, then bring in the colors to match the mood they are going for.” She likes stronger hues to be used for the room’s interchangeable items, saying, “I find it easier to change it out, as you are not stuck to a color.”

Soft edges, interesting textures, and durable surfaces add up to create an ideal kid zone. The sofa, from Design Within Reach, folds out for a soft play or nap surface. There’s a shaggy rocking chair from Mitchell Gold and various accessories sourced through Etsy.

The space, on the home’s lower level, is perfectly suited for kids, with a reading nook, a curtained theater area, comfortable rugs, and furnishings that are right sized for small bodies. Carving out this area was a great solution for all family members, Lorentzen says. “The room can get messy and be creative and fun, and it lets both the kids and the adults have their own area. It gives everyone a little less stress.”