Kona Contractors Designs and Builds Outdoor Spaces

Kona Contractors designs and builds outdoor living spaces where memories get made.

Outdoor living space built by Kona Contractors
Photo courtesy of Kona Contractors.

When Beth and Ryan Treadwell founded their outdoor living company in 2006, they named the firm Kona Contractors in honor of their late golden retriever, Kona. The dog’s portrait hangs on a wall at the firm’s Lone Tree headquarters, a testimony to a company’s dedication to making sure landscape contracting never bites homeowners in the you-know-what.

To ensure homeowners experience only warm fuzzies during and after their projects are complete, Kona Contractors assigns an on-site project manager to each job.

“The customer is always taken care of and has this point of contact they can trust. Our guys on-site keep everything on track and build a relationship with quality communication and care all through the project,” says Kim Dearden, director of operations.

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The number of outdoor living space contractors in Colorado has grown in recent years, but not all companies are rock solid, Dearden warns. Some may not be licensed or insured, which could cause them to be refused permitting— or worse.

Outdoor living space built by Kona Contractors
Photo courtesy of Kona Contractors.

“Oftentimes, low price means getting hit with change orders later because they don’t add a lot of detail to estimates. They may use subpar materials,” Dearden says. “Cheaper can also mean you may end up with something that’s a hazard so you may have to completely rebuild. From day one, our estimates are itemized. It’s very clear what we are installing, what products we’re using.”

In Colorado right now, swimming pools are making a big splash, Dearden says. “We are overflowing with requests for pools. A lot of people moved here from warmer states like Texas or California where there had a pool, and they want one here, too.”

Roof covers are also popular, Dearden says. “We typically cover a deck or patio, and it looks similar to the roof on the home but offers shelter from the elements so the space can be used year-round. People add heaters, grills, furniture, and it makes the best use of current living space.”

Outdoor living spaces add significant value to a home—and a lifestyle Dearden concludes.

“When people go outside, that space is always there for them to make memories they can’t make elsewhere,” she says. “We design and install spaces for memorable experiences.”