Meet Builder Dan Haley Fuller

Haley Custom Homes builds houses with efficiency, sustainability, and a deep appreciation for the people who will inhabit them.

Dan Haley Fuller
Photo by Jake Holschuh.

Haley Custom Homes, founded by Colorado native Dan Haley Fuller, has been building and remodeling high-end homes of every size and architectural style—from ultramodern to traditional—for Colorado families since 1998. The boutique builder has developed and trademarked an approach to building known as Accelerated Precision Building, which eliminates waste, shortens build times, and increases efficiency.

How has homebuilding on the Front Range changed since you founded the business in 1998? “The biggest change has been the change in municipality codes, which have focused on environmental and energy efficiencies. Because of this, we have seen homes being built that are much more efficient as a whole in terms of livability and sustainability.”

What are Haley Custom Homes’ guiding principles? “When you make a promise, keep it. And if you are not building for your friends, you should not be building for anyone else.”

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What is your biggest source of inspiration? “Being part of so many families’ lives during the build process and then knowing how much joy their families will have throughout their journey. Knowing that the homes we built will be a ‘safe haven’ for them and/or their children.”

Home built by Haley Custom Homes
Photo courtesy of Haley Custom Homes.

Please explain how Haley Custom Homes’ environmental commitments (eco framing techniques and net zero building) are making a difference for your clients as well as the planet. “We have a unique way of framing our homes that reduces lumber waste tenfold. We also have an environmental engineer who works with our firm and holds us to a construction standard that is above the Industry norm as far as being environmentally responsible.”

When and why did Haley Custom Homes commit to meeting Indoor airPlus standards? “I became involved with Indoor airPlus back in 2010, so we jumped on the knowledge bandwagon when it was not the norm or even on most builders’ radar. My firm is always looking for new and innovative ways of building better and more efficient homes and at a more efficient rate (timewise) as well.”

Why did you develop the Accelerated Precision Building system and how does it benefit your clients? “I developed my APB system because I was tired of being viewed like all the other custom home builders, which essentially meant I was a commodity. I felt that I had to differentiate myself by doing things better and faster. Technology has helped so many industries become better and faster, yet custom home builders keep building the same way they did decades ago, without using technology to help advance their companies. My entire system is focused on using and taking advantage of technology and new/ better methods of building. Subsequently, this has allowed us to build more efficiently (timewise and moneywise) and achieve superior quality at the same time.”

Home built by Haley Custom Homes
Photo courtesy of Haley Custom Homes.

You’ve designed so many beautiful homes. Is there one that stands out as a favorite? “I am asked this question constantly, and I have never been able to come up with one particular house. We have been blessed to be part of so many beautiful and interesting projects. We can only build what our homeowners envision and the architects draw, and we have had awesome homeowners and been lucky enough to work and collaborate with some of the finest architects in Denver, as well as outside of Denver.”

What do you like best about your job? “I have to say that working with my staff on a daily basis is great, I have the happiest people working with me, which makes me look forward to coming to the office and jobsites to see them all. With that said, it has to be the friendships that have been created with my homeowners, relationships that last way beyond delivery of their dream homes. I have so many great friends that I would have never met if they had not brought me on to build for them and/ or their families. I am truly blessed.”