Room for Milly’s Bold, Fun Cocktail Lounge

Swathe an accent wall with bold patterned wallpaper to instantly add color, texture, and character to a space.

Room for Milly cocktail lounge
Photo courtesy of Room for Milly.

If the walls at the Room for Milly cocktail lounge on Platte Street could speak, they would undoubtedly exclaim, “Isn’t this gorgeous!” And they would be right; these walls are among the most impactful we have ever seen. The WallTawk-sourced wallpaper by Lindsay Cowles is employed as modern accent to classical framework, inspiring the venue’s chic and playful design while never overtaking the space. Cowles, a contemporary artist and decorative arts designer based in Richmond, Virginia, creates large-scale abstract paintings with bright, bold colors and energetic movement through layering and texturing. She then digitally manipulates her paintings into patterns for wallcoverings, textiles, and pillows, and more, which can be customized in color, repeat, and material for both residential and commercial projects.

The abstract patterns and vibrant colors in Cowel’s design used at Room for Milly add a touch of whimsy and sophistication to the space, making it a stunning example of how the right wallpaper can make a statement. Once dismissed as a style of yesteryear, wallpaper has made a comeback, perhaps as a direct result of us Marie Kondo’ing our homes only to then be confined within the resulting bare, beige walls during the pandemic. We emerged craving color and personality, and more of it. Today, we are all about maximalism.

Enter WallTawk, a Denver-based wallpaper boutique and design consultancy that carries designs from artists around the world, both established and up-and-coming. The firm is more than ready to help you embrace the more-is-more mindset and eschew minimalist aesthetics. With options for every style of decor, WallTawk can help accent a room, cover a ceiling, or make an entire powder room pop. From modern prints to vintage reproductions, bespoke designs to custom creations, WallTawk’s wallpaper allows your walls to speak volumes. Be bold, and decorate with conviction.

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