Trending Walkways for your Garden

Lifescape Colorado illustrates the many different paths to a beautiful walkway. Stepping stones are a practical, beautiful way to direct foot traffic around a property. As these gorgeous options from Lifescape Colorado illustrate, there are so many ways to bring them into play.

1Step It Up

Sandstone staircase
Photo courtesy of Lifescape Colorado.

This contemporary staircase made from sandstone quarried by Siloam Stone in Cañon City provides a path between the back and front yards of a new split-level home in Lakewood. Professional lighting is key to making this type of path safe after dark.

2Wild Style

Colorado Buff stone path
Photo courtesy of Lifescape Colorado.

Colorado Buff stone comes out of the ground in flat pieces that are great for pathways. The irregular shape works well for the curved paths at this home in Old Cherry Hills. For this type of English garden/cottage look, Lifescape often makes the path wider to allow for the flowers’ overgrowth.

3Slow Down

Crushed granite path
Photo courtesy of Lifescape Colorado.

An Old World circular pathway made from crushed granite quarried in Idaho Springs fits nicely with this historic Denver home and encourages wandering about the property. The sound and feel of walking on crushed granite reminds us to slow down and soak in the surroundings.

4Historic Refresh

Pennsylvania Bluestone pavers path
Photo courtesy of Lifescape Colorado.

These 2 x 2-foot Pennsylvania Bluestone pavers match the century-old Colorado Buff on top of the wall bordering the patio’s edge, which has developed a greyish blue patina. Pavers with mulch were used to soften the space and allow for plantings instead of a solid mass of concrete, which would have made the long, narrow space look like a runway.