Meet the Interior Designers Behind Trudesign

TruDesign owners Cynthia Stafford and Lindi Bolinger combine interior design expertise with a love of world travel and fashion.

Cynthia Stafford and Lindi Bolinger of TruDesign
Photo by Jake Holschuh.

TruDesign owners Cynthia Stafford and Lindi Bolinger met more than 30 years ago when they collaborated on a design project. Now, the pair works with their team to create award-winning new builds, remodels, and furniture and design updates that infuse classic design elements with bold details and statement pieces, everywhere from Colorado to Arizona to Texas to Florida and the Bahamas.

Can you talk about your journey to your current roles at TruDesign?
Cynthia: Lindi and I met at our previous place of employment; we had an opportunity to collaborate on a project and just really hit it off.
Lindi: We shared a deep appreciation for what the other brought to the table, and we just continued to collaborate any time we had the chance. We could both see the potential for something special here, so we decided to branch out and form TruDesign.
Cynthia: It was important to both of us to focus on design curated to the client. Bringing two unique perspectives and experiences to our approach enables us to create a well-rounded design. Our partnership came from a genuine shared vision of providing an unparalleled experience, from excellent design and service to joy and laughter—each are integral to our process.

Photo courtesy of TruDesign.

Please describe your influences.
Lindi: Travel. Travel is the biggest influence on my design work. Our world is filled with brilliant art, architecture, and handicrafts— without fail, I bring some of that inspiration back with me to my designs.
Cynthia: Nature influences design, and I’m definitely influenced by the various textures and colors found in nature that carry over into the work I do here. Fashion is also a major contributor— the two industries go hand in hand, with high-fashion trends influencing design and vice versa.
Lindi: Yes! I completely agree. I think we’re both drawn to the pattern, texture, and layers of deep, rich color that can be found in major fashion hubs across the globe. I do think our greatest influence is our client, though. We’re inspired by them and their experiences. It’s our goal to express their rich lives through design— creating something special that incorporates their kids, pets, travel, or goals.

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How has the industry changed since you began?
Cynthia: I think people appreciate it more than when we started.
Lindi: I completely agree. When we started, design wasn’t as attainable; it was only for a select few. More people have come to realize that a beautiful home is just as accessible for them.
Cynthia: It’s likely come from the knowledge that things can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The industry has made tremendous strides in kid- and petfriendly fabrics.
Lindi: Technology has also been a contributor— it’s changed the way we interact with our clients. We can Zoom from across the country and share beautifully detailed renderings that allow our clients to envision their finished space in ways they just couldn’t when this business started.

Entryway and staircase
Photo courtesy of TruDesign.

Any favorite projects or iconic buildings/ homes?
Cynthia: I genuinely enjoy projects like Sloan’s Lake, where our client’s unique style and personality can shine through in the design. When we get to push boundaries and ease our clients out of their comfort zone, the end result always looks more like them than they could have imagined. We all think we’re nothing too special or out of the ordinary—but we are, and our homes should be too.
Lindi: Or when we can really change the way people live in their home. For our Hampshire Park project, we made dramatic improvements to how the kitchen functioned for this family that spent so much of their time utilizing that space. From knocking down walls to providing layer and depth with mixed cabinets and walls tiled to the ceiling, every aspect changed how they connected with the heart of their home.

Any other comments?
Cynthia: TruDesign is in the business to change lives; we firmly believe and will forever advocate that good design can and will change your life.
Lindi: How people live in their home, the feelings they get from being in their home, and the memories they make while there—our homes are so integral to who we are. Our mission is to enrich our clients’ lives, and we’ve held onto this notion from the beginning.