Spatial Relations’ Favorite Interior Design Pieces

At Spatial Relations in Boulder, interior and exterior design professionals Hunter K. Margolf and Stephen F. Lappen specialize in innovation and always bring a fresh perspective.

Spatial Relations, Hunter Margolf and Stephen Lappen
Photo courtesy of Spatial Relations.

As the designers and principals of Spatial Relations, Hunter K. Margolf and Stephen F. Lappen have been creating interior and exterior spaces with sustainable, livable innovation and a clean, fresh style for more than 30 years. They share a well-earned expertise in remodeling homes and focus on taking a lifestyle approach with clients. They incorporate functional, sustainable architecture and interior design with feng shui and Ayurvedic aromatherapy principles. Here, Margolf offers five items that make a difference but don’t break the bank.

1 The Ellisse Triple Pendant by Nemo

Dim Wit

“If you don’t get the lighting right, well…you might as well forget about everything else. The Ellisse Triple Pendant by Nemo is functional, architectural, and sculptural. It’s a clean design statement piece that complements contemporary to midcentury modern interiors, offering single, double, or triple fixtures and providing up as well as down lighting. However, there is more to a feeling and a room than ‘on’ and ‘off.’ Enter the Lutron Sunnata, the perfect choice for taking a room from functional to ambient with the touch of a digital slide. It’s an unsung hero in sustainable solutions. Your choice of wattage and its corresponding mood affects the amount of energy you use.”

2 Kohler Crue touchless kitchen faucet

Don’t be Crue-l

“Another technological marvel for the home is the Kohler Crue touchless kitchen faucet in vibrant brushed modern brass. Cooks and children alike have instant on/off water with an electric sensor at their messy fingertips without reaching for the faucet lever.”

3 The Frame by Samsung

Frame of Mind

“The Frame by Samsung replaces the ubiquitous TV, allowing for preloaded art or personal images to be changed on a whim. It’s a game-changer for interior designers as we are often challenged with the task of reducing the number of focal points in a room in order to create function and balance. This is one less obstacle in the American interior landscape, allowing for the room to flow without the design being focused on the singular use or appearance of a space or the viewing angle of the black rectangle on the wall.”

4 Wild Child fabrics by Perennials

Sweet Child O’ Mine

“Wild Child fabric in colorways goody two shoes, cool dude, or ice queen. These high-performance indoor/outdoor fabrics by Perennials are beautiful, durable, easy to clean, and built to last. They are ideal for design-savvy consumers with active families and pets who don’t want to compromise lifestyle for style.”

5 Raven ZZ plant

Back in Black

“Green is the new black. Meet a biophilic design star: Zamioculcas zamiifolia, aka the ZZ plant, in raven black. Seriously, the plant is so green it’s black. The ZZ is an easy-to-care-for and highly dependable statement plant that’s tolerant of a wide range of conditions, including low light, and it has low water requirements.”