Magical Mid-air Glass Walled Lap Pool by Diamond Spas

Diamond Spas reimagines the home pool by freeing your sense of space.

Combine weightlessness, water and the magic of a starry night above Vail and you might think you’ve gone to heaven. It’s hard to come any closer to an adequate description of the lap pool and spa provided by Diamond Spas of Frederick, Colorado, for one of the region’s most spectacular mountain residences. Constructed of stainless steel with acrylic end-and-bottom panels, the pool and its integration to the house one level above ground might be the company’s most challenging and rewarding installation to date.

Project manager Shannon Knaub was quick to point out that the end result could have never happened without the vision of lead architect Adam Gilmer of Berglund Architects and general contractor Shaeffer Hyde Construction Company, both of Vail. The team approach further required one more vital member, Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes of Avon, they were critical to the installation and now provide year-round service and maintenance.

The lap pool, a swimmer’s dream, measures 86 feet long by 10 feet wide and is nearly six feet deep. On first glance, it appears to float in mid-air. The pool holds a hefty 18,000 gallons of water and its three-inch thick acrylic panels produced by Grand Junction’s Reynolds Polymer are durable and strong. They require nothing more than occasional brushing to stay crystal clear, and should scratches occur, they can simply be polished out. In cooler weather, the pool’s transparent base looks down upon a glowing fire pit, adding to the magical atmosphere. Said Knaub, “Seen from the patio below, the most beautiful view is at night when the pool’s interior lights are on.” These are programmable with changing colors.

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Respected suppliers of acrylic, glass and stainless steel pools across the U.S. and around the world, Diamond Spas has been installing these aquatic luxuries for nearly 20 years. The popularity of the look has increased over time, providing a new sense of freedom in the water and redefining pool design. For real impact, as is evident in this majestic integration of nature and man-made materials, context is everything.