A Denver Bathroom Where Less Is Better

Kristen Thomas, principal designer and owner of Studio Thomas in Greenwood Village, subscribes to the idea of “less, but better.”

Studio Thomas principal designer and owner Kristen Thomas explains her philosophy, saying, “If you look at our aesthetic, there’s not as much going on. We use fewer, but nicer things: natural materials, quality stone, better cabinetry and lighting. We don’t believe every client needs every bell and whistle, but they do need elements that last and that are more timeless.”

For this alluring Denver bathroom, Studio Thomas balanced yin and yang, layering luxurious textures and patinaed antiques with fresh houseplants. The result is spa-like.

“If there’s any room in your house that has some peace and calm, it’s the bathroom,” says Thomas.

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Speaking of the marble flooring, Thomas says, “There’s no better artist than nature. We used Carrara marble tiles. Marble is brought up from the earth, and manmade materials cannot compete. Ever. There’s a huge difference in living with natural materials.” To offset cold stone, designers added mill work, along with singular wooden furnishings and appointments. “We used a freestanding wood cabinet that brings warmth, feels more like furniture and makes the bathroom cozy,” says Thomas.

The firm shuns matchy-matchy predictability. “We used gold mirrors with the polished nickel fixtures to keep the space feeling warm. Color palette is really important in a bathroom. You don’t want it too cool,” Thomas says. “Light fixtures, rather than being a staple, can be like a pop of jewelry — something different.” Studio Thomas balanced fire and water with a bathtub warmed and illuminated by a gas fireplace. “For us, a freestanding tub is a piece of art. This tub is beautiful, super pretty, but functions well,” she says. “We styled it with its own side table. It’s inviting and acts as a nice pause.”

“People don’t think about a big piece of art in a bathroom. We mix modern and antique or vintage art,” says Thomas. “We like a space that feels collected and unique; it’s hard to replicate something that was made or drawn many years ago. If everything is too new, too.