A Deep Blue Pool of Your Dreams

A large family realizes the backyard pool of their dreams.

Like many people, the owners of this Boulder home came to the pool-planning table with a great deal of inspiration. They had lots of ideas—and lots of kids. Joe Dempsey, Jr., of Aquality Construction, took their lofty ideas and down-to-earth requirements and helped them turn everything into a delightful hangout for the whole family.

To accommodate this bountiful group, Dempsey created a large, 20- by 45-foot, pool with an extended sun shelf, a slide, and an oversized spa with a water feature. Although the client’s wish list photos were, as Dempsey says, “next level,” Boulder County requires a vapor barrier, essentially a cover, that has a huge impact on energy efficiency by reducing heat loss. This, however, means a rectangular pool.

In addition to conforming to county regulations the automatic cover also aids in making it a year-round amenity. The slide and waterfall are winterized, but if the homeowners have visitors who want to swim on a 65° day in March, all they have to do is turn up the water temperature from the baseline of around 70°.

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Gone are the days when water chemistry was tested weekly or biweekly, followed by large chemical swings. Aquality’s sanitation automation system automatically tests and adjusts the water chemistry 24/7 to maintain the water chemistry at exactly the desired levels, providing a more comfortable environment for bathers. Both pool and spa are filled with salt water although Dempsey says that it’s a myth that saline pools have no chlorine. “We use an ozone system that reduces the chlorine levels,” says Dempsey. “It uses electrolysis to break apart the salt into sodium and chlorine so it’s able to produce its own chlorine in the water.”

Whereas the technology is important, it’s the aesthetics that get people excited. Everyone got in on the creative process, as can be seen from the unique color blue that comprises the pool’s interior finish. It perfectly complements the shallow tiled upper level, which allows the baby to play securely away from the steps down into the swimming area. The older children get in on the fun as well with a tall slide aimed at the deep end—albeit with a staircase and enclosure for safety. To get the perfect pigment, the family custom-blended two shades and so were allowed to name their own hue “Rock Star Blue.”